How To Choose Perfect Study Environment

Among the most important factors that influence studying are surroundings. Choose where it’s better to study for you at school or at home. It is super important because your brain rapidly learns when you are in a good location and it’s time to focus.

Environmental factors influence studying

If you study or try to study in a lunch hall, or in bed, or before falling asleep, think about results. Environmental factors play a big part in your ability to concentrate. In one experiment pupils were given a study lamp by researchers. Every time they studied they had to change on a lamp. It created an environment which was associated with remembering content.

Try sitting at a desk that ensures you staying focussed. If you become distracted in your house by your family, then think about studying in even a coffee store or in a library. If you study in school, go and ask your IB planner to find you a course room that is free. Libraries and computer rooms are a good option. The noisier your surroundings are, the harder it’ll be to focus on an essay or a test preps. It is easy to get distracted by smartphones as well. Among the major causes of academic failure is WhatsApp.

Things To Remember About Studying During Summer

Summer is the time for family holidays, camp adventures, afternoons in a pool, etc. We know your child will be carefree this summer, but it’s vital to fortify what he or she has learned during a college year and to prepare for the next year.

Reasons to study in summer

Here are reasons for summertime learning. First of all, it helps to prevent loss of information acquired. All pupils experience learning losses when they do not take part in activities. Usually, pupils lose about 2.6 months of grade level equivalency in mathematics skills during summer. Summer time is the time to study, if you’re child has struggled during a school year.

Including tutoring into summer holiday will help your kid to head back to a classroom more competent and confident. As you know, concepts and material become replicated through your kid’s education. In case your child can use reinforcement and some help, take the time to make sure that he or she has mastered information.

Summer is good time to review school program

Knowing that your child can face problems with classes, get ahead by assessing material. To prevent learning loss and to keep with progress made during a college year, it’s a wise idea to help to keep school subjects up. Routine will make it easier to return to school at the end of summer. Since there is more time and less pressure in summer, it is a good time to catch up or to concentrate on skills. Your kid can benefit from coming to tutoring late in the morning when she or he is fresh, instead of evening after a busy college day.

With busy schedules throughout a school year, summer is the best time for a high school student to concentrate on SAT and ACT preparation. Individual tutoring can fortify key areas for a student. Summer is an excellent time to catch up and get ahead.