Theories Of Learning That Help To Understand It Better

Traditional cognitive strategy has been characterized by these perspectives: second language is a body of rules, knowledge has primary significance, and terminology is produced out these principles with lexical exponents. The priority is to assemble paragraphs that conform to grammar of terminology in question.

What is learning?

Practice should be purposeful and learning is highlighted. Learning was explained by experts as the process of obtaining entities which are conducive to cognitive structure in a manner, not allowing establishment of connections. Learning, on the other hand, can be explained as a process of anchoring and relating material.

It interacts with material that enters a discipline, and is subsumed under a system that is conceptual, that is more comprehensive. Learners are accountable for their own learning, engaged in inventing hypotheses to detect target principles.

Language as a learning tool

Sine presence of language universals can provide transfer to language, mother tongue is a tool for learning. New cognitive structure is always impacted by relevant entities in existing cognitive structure. Language can be a cognitive skill which develops from controlled information processing to automatic processing.

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